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Dongguan Lebex Doors Co.Ltd specializes on design, research and development, production and marketing of wooden doors. Its parent company KLW Holdings is listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange in 1998.In 2008, KLW Holdings set up LEBEX Doors in the Dongguan city of Guangdong Province to expand the production capacity. LEBEX has capitalized on its parent company long established experiences in wooden door manufacturing and technology. This combined with advanced machinery and continuous research and development to create high quality modern and stylish doors that are environmentally friendly and durable. It is located close to many major ports and its strategic location ensures convenient and efficient logistic efficiency. Since it started in Apr 2008, LEBEX has expanded rapidly due to its modern management practices. The current factory space of 25,000 meters square with 450 workers has annual output of 300,000 doors which are exported to European countries, Japan, United States, Britain Middle East and France. Advance and proven technology, established experience and competent management team are our strong fundamentals in this highly competitive industry. Since its inception, LEBEX is customer focus to ensure we meet the needs of the market. In addition, it has also practiced best human resources policies to provide staff with a conductive working, learning and living environment. Hence we build a cohesive and highly dedicated team whom ensure innovative design and best quality doors are produced efficiently within the delivery timeframe. We have won recognition and trust of international customers for our competitive price and respectable quality which facilitate our continuous expansion. Our customers include retails chains such as B & Q, Grafton Group, Saint Gobain, Travis Perkins and XL Joinery. All the door products must be going through the timber, veneer and board cutting preparation. From veneer selection until cutting process will be under control of quality control team of LEBEX. Meanwhile most of the timber material are import from forest management qualify of supplier to process the wooden door. Every door will have to go through the following processes: core cutting, CNC, lipping, drying, sanding, polishing, membrane pressing, hot pressing, polishing, vanishing and then packaged. Efficient assembly production line is well coordinated to ensure quality doors are produced on time. LEBEX has diversified range of different design of doors, from the bedroom door, study door, office doors, kitchen doors, fire doors, glass doors to stylish door. We believe that good quality and design reflect the modern living. LEBEX has focus on good quality designed doors to enhance the beauty of home furnishing. Our doors are modern, stylish, and environmentally friendly to reflect the sense of comfort, elegant and warmth. In 2008, LEBEX is awarded forest management certification. It is a highly respected not for profit organization and its certification will assure our customers of the highest standards in the origin of timber, product quality and management systems throughout the LEBEX organization.FSC recognize good forest management. Its chain of custody certification provides a guarantee about the path taken by raw materials from the forest to the customer, including all successive stages of production, transformation and distribution. At the same time, the company has achieved ISO 9001 - 2008 (Quality Management System Certification), ISO14000- 2004 (Environment Management System Certification), Forest management Certification, High Quality China Supplier Award, GMC certification (Global Manufacturer Certificate), etc. All these awards and certifications will enhance our competitiveness in this fast growing industry. We will tap on our experiences from overseas market to bring in innovative quality designs so that local people can enjoy the same level of wooden quality doors as those in Europe and America. In 2010, LEBEX has shifted focus to China due to its huge expanding domestic market. LEBEX‘s mission is to ensure “Full Participation in Creating Excellent Product Quality, Continual Improvement for Exceeding Customer Expectation”. A home with LEBEX doors will inspire warmth, comfort and harmonious living.

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